PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

plutocracy, continued

"So Bob Perry's contributions to American Crossroads and the RGA alone - and who knows how much more he's given to groups that do not disclose donor information - totals nearly 100 times the federal limit for giving to other types of political committees... Never mind that these 527 outfits provide much the same function as, say, the National Republican Senatorial Committee. (One key legal distinction: The 527 groups can't coordinate with candidates or party committees, though in practice they're run by experienced pols who game out what that coordination would entail and try to emulate it without actually picking up the phone.) There's something a little crazy about this; no one would design a campaign system this way from the ground up. What we have is a major loophole in election law that neither the IRS nor the FEC nor Congress is able or willing to address."

(See also.)

Tags: news, not right, welcome to america

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