PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Handcuffing journalists, David Bowie, and dinosaur meat

"One of the more disturbing election incidents took place in Alaska on Sunday night, when private 'guards' working for GOP Senate nominee Joe Miller forcibly detained and handcuffed a journalist as he tried to ask the candidate questions which he did not want to answer."

* Yes, this most recent Congress does have accomplishments worth noting.
* Nice. Fact-checkers looks at 'cookie-cutter' political ads across the country, containing the same lines and the same lies.
* Special election-edition fact-checking of claims about the health care law.
* A textbook used in Virginia schools says that 'thousands of African Americans fought for the South during the Civil War - a claim rejected by most historians.' More here.
* Dana Milbank on the Tea Partyists, the Chamber of Commerce, and false populism.
* Today's unsurprising news: science and organized religion aren't friends.
* What did dinosaur meat taste like?
* A retrospective on the film career of David Bowie.
* "What do today's scary movies reveal about American fears?"

Tags: 2010, movies, news, not right, science!

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