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Not all wine and roses: things the Iraqis can't do under the occupation (courtesy Callico.)

Today's must-read: Maureen Dowd on Bush's dream team, the "Empire of Novices" (bonus points: using the word "jejeunosity.")

A brief Wired interview with Neal Stephenson on his new historical novel. (Courtesy Magistrate.)

* Brother of slain cleric speaks out against US occupation of Iraq.
* OK, maybe we need a little UN help in Iraq. Hey Mr. Dumbass President: if you hadn't pissed everyone off earlier, this would be a lot easier now, n'est pas? Also, let's look at some hard numbers on Iraq.
* Right, Afghanistan. Forgot for a minute there.
* Thomas Friedman, on real democracy in the Middle East: their American Idol.
* The poor really don't need good health care anyways. Speaking of the poor, there's more of them now. Thanks, Mr. Bush. How much will a "job czar" be able to do, anyways? Will this be any more effective than Bush's other attempts?
* A number of death penalties overturned, as they were founded on a judge's decision rather than a jury. Step in the right direction.
* Today's reason to dig McCain: making Boeing's lobbying public.
* Pic of the bomb that killed the pizza deliveryman-turned bank robber.
* Editorial protesting the marketing of the Mall.
* Huh. Hinckley might get unsupervised visits out of St. E's.
* Atlanta's mayor mired in the problems she inherited.
* The Lord of the Rings marketing machine rolls on. Also. From Justin to Kelly *finally* on DVD.

Today's Star Wars Character From My Calendar: Jek Porkins (Red Six)
CD playing: Wagner's "Magic Fire Music" (Der Ring Des Nibelungen)

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