PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Tentative plans last night never materialized, so I PuzzlePirated and assembled some figs. Few things are cooler than playing PuzzlePirates, and the Soviet National Anthem comes up on the MP3 list (my character's name: Russian.)

Oh, and from another viewing while working on figs: I still contend the first half of From Dusk 'Till Dawn is a great movie.

Buffy fans: Fox is having a vote, and the four top episodes will be put on a single DVD. Go here and vote for "Restless," or possibly "Fool for Love." (I'd recommend "The Body," but I suspect it will already be on there.)

Oh, wow: the Straight Dope explains how the stock market works. (And, if you need another Pi reference today, look here.)

Tonight? Who knows. Thursday? Blood Bowl league starts! This weekend: Small Press Expo!

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