PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Supermarkets, zombies, and bulletproof face masks

* Great read: five things you didn't know about supermarkets, including how they run the world.
* "More money than ever is flowing from supposedly nonpolitical groups into TV ad campaigns."
* Viewing the question of Islam in Western culture as a question of culture, not religion.
* "As the years passed, however, al Qaeda found it difficult to top their greatest hits."
* Glenn Beck as the product of 1950s extremism.
* Wow. Taking a stand against... minimum wage.
* Why soldiers don't wear bulletproof face masks.
* Baby born from 20-year-old frozen embryo.
* Evidence that Worf was the worst Klingon ever. (Courtesy shadorunr.)
* What next for zombie movies?

Tags: 2010, easy sell, movies, news, science!, tv, welcome to america

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