PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Man, the guys who made FearDotCom should be sued by the makers of Ringu for not only theft of intellectual property, but making a really shitty movie as a result of said theft. 'Nuff said.

"Park officials and Mall historians can't name another case when a private business took over most of the grass between the Monument and the Capitol grounds for 11 days."

NEWS: </a>
* Unreported: almost ten American soldiers a day declared wounded in action. Attacks are so commonplace, they are no longer headlines.
* Iraq likely to dominate Congressional agenda. The energy plan they are debating doesn't touch global warming or foreign oil.
* NYC police departments go against current trend of taping police interrogations.
* Political parties to shift focus towards core voters next year.
* This recovery that feels like a recession.
* Questions of accuracy arise with the increased demand for testing in education.
* More evidence of Shakespeare's co-authors.
* A eulogy for Charles Bronson, calling him "the very embodiment of righteous vengeance."
* Ticketmaster finds an even better way to be asshats .
* Combating obesity by bringing back... home ec ? Oh, I don't know.
* Trouble in counterculture utopia: lawsuits threaten Burning Man.
* Disney wins big with summer movies, and Revolution loses big.

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