PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Fake money, job loss, and fighting back

"When you bomb people and kill their family, friends, and neighbors, burn down their homes and burn down their businesses and kill their livestock, spewing unexploded ordnance and munitions in fields where they work and their children play, it pisses them off. Many of them even get pissed off enough to fight back against the people they think are responsible for the bombing. They probably even form lifelong grudges when they find their mother and children in thousands of bloody pieces in their former homes. Again, this is not rocket surgery. If they were not sympathetic to the Taliban and Al Qaeda before, after you bomb the shit out of them, they will be."

* Good read. "We've lost 8 million jobs. Here's a closer look."
* Republicans spend big on a wide range of midterm races. (Bonus: graphic.)
* Eugene Robinson on competing for black votes.
* On politicians and anti-science.
* "Conspiracy theorists find validation from Glenn Beck."
* Great read: how fake money saved Brazil's economy.
* Uh, yeah. Stan Lee takes on... Shakespeare.
* Why the next Harry Potter movie won't be in 3D.

Tags: 2010, comic books, movies, news, quotes

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