PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Finding Nemo was pretty good. To be honest, I liked Pixar's other offerings a little better. No, nothing particularly wrong with this one, it's a find way to spend a couple hours. And of course it looks so pretty. But it just wasn't all that.

Oh, and we brought tze bebe. There were many other kids in there, and a couple were worse behaved. But she was fine, she didn't raise too much of a ruckus, and we didn't have to take her outside even once, so mission accomplished. I guess I won't have any problems keeping up with my kids' movies now!

Though, naturally, since we went to Muvico (yes, on Labor Day, no, not my idea) the first show we wanted was sold out, so we had to hit a later one. Meaning I missed my chance to visit my sister today, and to have time to make plans for this evening. Feh.

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