PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Water security, assassination, and the tea kettle movement

* A "planet-wide pattern of threat" over water security.
* "The Obama administration has responded to critics of its decision, first reported in April, to kill an American citizen accused of terrorism without granting him due process or legal consideration."
* More Americans are moving in with relatives to cope with financial troubles.
* Good read: Thomas Friedman identifies the 'tea kettle' movement.
* Insight into the White House's struggle over what to do about Afghanistan.
* Interesting! LATimes launches a new database to map crime reports across the county.
* Cyberpunk now: a Biblical clue in a computer virus?
* 'The strange but inevitable rise of 'e-reader pornography.'
* I adore these new Harry Potter posters, and am getting a little excited about the finale.

Tags: 2010, movies, news, welcome to america

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