PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

In Theaters: Machete

Due to a strange confluence of events last week, I had time to take off and catch Machete, and was duly rewarded. The movie is fantastic. I am pleased to see the grindhouse thing catching on, and much like recent winner Black Dynamite, this movie delivers on its promise and then some. Lots of fun, great action, great casting. No, it won't win any awards next year, but it's a highly entertaining time at the movies. Go see it on the big screen.

New trailers:
* Faster - Standard action-revenge fare, but the Rock makes things fun to watch. So, maybe. (Bonus: Mr. Eko.)
* Let Me In - I dug the original, so it's a bit sacrilegious in certain circles to mention that this might not be that bad. They definitely have the look down, and I am interested to see what they change (since they apparently went back to the original book for inspiration.) (Bonus: Hammer Films!)
* The Green Hornet - I'm still very uncommitted on this movie, which is a problem since I am in theory the target audience.
* Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps - I'm not sure I get why this is coming back. Sure, it's fun watching Michael Douglas play a charismatic jerk, but beyond that?
* Unstoppable - It's like Speed, but on a train. Yawn.

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