PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

How about a panoramic view from the top of Everest?

World-traveling rubber duckies hit east coast!

Congrats: Washington DC is back to being the murder capitol, thanks to a new crime wave.

Things that are messed up: pizza delivery man killed by bomb strapped to his chest, in an apparent bank robbery plot. Or something.

Today's must-read: Maureen Dowd on the policy failures that have put us where we are.

* Ahmad Chalabi gives us the view from Iraq.
* John McCain, on why we must win in Iraq.
* North Korea ends disarmament talks.
* The Supreme Court may have to make ruling on Ten Commandments monuments, after all.
* Credit where it is due: Ashcroft set to defend ban on certain abortion protests.
* Greenspan argues that the Fed needs to maintain its broad discretion.
* Thomas Friedman on a necessary policy lobotomy.
* Budget cuts nationwide put a grim face on a new school year. Setting big education goals and then not funding them is worse than doing nothing.
* "Back to school" means many purchases for parents.
* On putting victims' names on memorials.
* Got $100 and an essay? You could win a home.
* It's official: there are more cars in American households than drivers.
* New York Times has ten questions with Liz Phair.

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