PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Foreign aid, Chernobyl, and a Republican 'pledge'

"It's sort of the age of the columnist. With the dysfunctional political system, old conventional notions of fairness make it hard to tell readers directly what's going on. This is a chance for me to explore solutions in my economic reporting."

* Good read: a foreign correspondent reflects on seven years in Iraq.
* Obama speaks out in defense of foreign aid to poorer nations.
* More bad news from Afghanistan.
* Researching income inequality? Follow the money.
* Courtesy takaal, key health care changes go into effect today.
* Republicans outline their 'Pledge to America,' with some notable omissions. (Bonus: a history lesson from 1994.) (Double bonus: comedy.)
* I am continually astounded by the story of the survival of the Chilean miners.
* Taking another look at exercise and weight loss.
* The plants of Chernobyl.
* End of an era: DC Comics to close down Wildstorm.

Tags: 2010, comic books, news, science!

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