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many good reads today

"Why has income inequality grown so explosively over the past 30 years? Why do so many working and middle class voters cast their ballots for a party that's so obviously a captive of corporations and the rich? Why is there no longer any real sustained effort to improve the lot of the middle class?"

* "The US recession lasted 18 months and was the most prolonged since World War II."
* Report finds the FBI abused its power after 9/11, investigating nonviolent groups and putting them on watch lists.
* Veterans with PTSD having trouble finding employment here at home.
* "Has the UN made the world a better place?
* Why the attempt to repeal 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' failed.
* Wow. Journalists in Mexico ask the cartels how they should handle things.
* The Republican plan to turn back time.
* The civilizations buried beneath our feet.

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