PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Previously, on The Event...

* "Information regarding the Mount Inostranka facility has always been on a need-to-know basis."
* "How many prisoners?" "Ninety-seven."
* Research lab? Leader!
* "They saved us."
* "I haven't told you everything."

Oh, please, let this be a 4400 spin-off. Oh, oh please.

Good cast, too, with more than a couple familiar faces there.

Yes, I know they are just trying to create the next Lost. Yes, I know I am the target audience. I'm OK with that, even if they are sticking close to the format so far. They did put together a compelling pilot episode, and give me enough to make me want to find out more. So, yes, for now.

Tags: not news, tv
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