PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

(yes, it's been a long crazy week)

* The actual, you know, facts don't seem to matter in the immigration debate. Top read.
* Steven Pearlstein with the bad news on the unemployment numbers. (Courtesy blackflame2180.) (I think.)
* After the floods recede, how can we fix Pakistan?
* The military is neglecting soldiers with traumatic brain injuries (and worse, politicizing the medals the affected soldiers are due.)
* 'Eleven very reasonable places your stimulus dollars went.'
* Party of no: Republicans work hard to prevent Obama's judicial nominees from getting those fair up-and-down votes they so trumpeted when they were in power. Like, in record numbers.
* Good read: Christopher Hitchens on Glenn Beck's 'white fright.'
* The free market in action: the underground economy of the legal materials used to cut drugs.
* Zardoz, bitches
* presents five stories from history that just aren't true.

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