PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Man, I haven't watched The Keep in, like, over 15 years. And the worst part is? I think it was better than I remember. Well, at least more fun. Don't get me wrong, there was everything you'd expect from a supernatural thriller released in 1983, up to and including a soundtrack by Tangerine Dream. Oh, and I think the "Scott Glenn" special effect wasn't very realistic; no one is going to believe he's a real person! But still, some decent surprises in there. And man, just look at that cast.

Note, I never read the book, but I rarely compare books to movies, so YMMV.

This afternoon, hoofing it up to see Nana. Tonight, a get-together at one of RQ's co-workers, a welcome-home party for someone returning from Bagdhad! So I get the inside sc00p.
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