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"Defense spending in 2008 reached $700 billion, just about double what we spent in 1998. The share unrelated to the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq was $503 billion, 41 percent more than in 1998, according to a report from the Project on Defense Alternatives. It has ebbed a little since then, but is likely to reach a record high in 2011.

"It is now clear that U.S. military spending - not including money for the wars - is stabilizing at levels well above the $423 billion (in 2010 dollars) we spent annually on the Pentagon from 1954 to 2001. Go ahead - read that sentence again: we are spending much more on defense now, against a small but driven band of Islamic zealots, and a handful of potential but smaller foes -- than we did against the might (or so we were told at the time) of Moscow and its Warsaw Pact "allies" (or so we were told at the time)."

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