PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Summer TV wrap-up

Brief bits on shows I dug this summer:

Adventure Time
I don't know why this show isn't on their Adult Swim block. Intelligent, weird, entertaining, and goofy, and it's a bit of a cliche, but the show has a really good heart. And crazy. Best new thing from Adult Swim in a long time.

Everyone and their brother was telling us to watch this one. And yes, they were right. It's a lot of fun, and went a lot of places I did not guess. That being said, everyone who loved it needs to go watch Frisky Dingo. Right now.

The Boondocks
OK, technically, not a new show. But, I didn't expect another season of it, and man, the show didn't miss a beat at all. Still excellent commentary written into a good show, and both the new Stinkmeaner episode and the one mocking Tyler Perry are some of the best they've ever done.

Sure, it's Sheriff Bullock from Deadwood wearing a cowboy hat and shooting people. But the story ended up taking some turns I didn't expect, and the comedy they wrote in was always a treat. Check it out on DVD before next season starts.

Persons Unknown
Interesting concept, but got a little mired in its own setup. A good editor would have had them pull back just a bit and leave in a little more vagueness. That being said, Alan Ruck is a great replacement for Ed Norton, and if your movie can't afford Christian Bale either, you should totally hire on Jason Wiles.

Pretty Little Liars
Yes, the teen mystery show. It's kind of fun, if hewing a little close to the stereotype at times. And some of these chicks are going to go on to pretty decent acting careers. And yet more surprises from ABC Family.

Oh, and in a couple weeks? New Venture Brothers. Can't wait.

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