13 August 2010 @ 11:59 am
Extreme weather, sexism, and secret sentences  
* What's with all the weather-related chaos these days?
* Good read: more on how the anti-Islamic trend in America is bad news for the future.
* Six signs of how the ailing economy is hurting the middle class.
* "...The sentence imposed on a Sudanese detainee Ibrahim al-Qosi - convicted as part of a plea bargain of the dastardly crime of being Osama bin Laden's 'cook' - will be kept secret until he is released. What kind of country has secret sentences?"
* Once the new boogeyman, Latin America shifts towards pragmatism.
* New Orleans police struggle in post-Katrina era.'
* Debunking five myths about the Tea Party.
* Uncovering a linguistic mystery from ancient Scotland.
* Greta Christina with five more sexist expectations of men in our society. Very insightful.