PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

yon beastie

I get home from work, hella late thanks to crazy Red Line delays and overcrowding. I see M. has done a load of laundry, as the bed has some clean clothes on it, and smack in the middle of one of her piles, one fuzzy kitten dozing away. Clean clothes are the best. I start figuring out the cover story to tell M. when she gets home as to why I couldn't move the fluffy offender when I realize, those clothes the cat is all over? Those are my clothes that M. washes for me. Whole bed of stuff, and yon beastie picks mine. Nice one.

* - How bad? I realized it was in my best interest to take a train in the opposite direction about five stops up, and then cross over to the train going back my way, just so I would have space.

Tags: 2010, cat, not news

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