PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

* Postwar casualties surpass casualties during the war. Er, of Americans that is. No one has yet reported how many Iraqis were killed. The administration needs to just admit it was wrong and move on. Maureen Dowd takes on the president's short-sided assumptions, while Thomas Friedman notes: we're not rebuilding Iraq. We're building it.
* Been a while since I bitched about Israeli assassinations, but: firing missiles into a traffic jam?! Yeesh. Oh, but I am sure all 26 people injured will be identified as top Hamas officials. One idea: let's just stop giving money to Israel and Palestine.
* Things were looking up for a minute there, but China pulls talk of reforms.
* Japan spends heavily to keep the yen low. Interesting idea.
* Army creates center to study biotechnology.
* Why comparing prescription drugs is awesome.
* Tom DeLay, setting new standards for gerrymandering.
* The symbology of the Ten Commandments statue, and the history of where the statue is sitting.
* Insert Canada joke here.

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