PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Wikileaks, Comic-Con, and food porn

* Wikileaks: what the Afghan reports do and don't tell us. But really, it's nothing new. A timeline of other leaks. And no, they aren't the Pentagon Papers.
* The world's worst counterterrorism ideas.
* In case you missed it, China isn't communist.
* Why the Tea Partists won't condemn racists in their midst. And speaking of racism, Tancredo leaves the Republican party.
* Why not skip ahead to six-blade razors?
* on reality TV and food porn.
* How will Facebook make a profit? Hint: it won't be by improving your privacy.
* Comic-Con follow-ups: day three, day four, and a guide to the Eisner winners. Complete LATimes coverage here.

Tags: 2010, comic books, defend your thesis, news, tv

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