PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

The truth-o-meter, Lego, and Hawkman

* "It's the economy, stupid."
* Politicians fear the truth-o-meter, and with good reason.
* "How would a Republican president have handled the Gulf oil spill?" Also, viewing Republican opposition to extending unemployment benefits as a rebranding effort.
* Syria quietly bans the niqab in the classroom.
* Follow-up: no charges for Alberto Gonzales in the U.S. attorneys scandal.
* Archaeologists find evidence of an ancient timber henge at the Stonehenge site.
* How David Beckham boosted Lego sales.
* DC Comics looks to move in on Marvel's big screen success.
* 'LBFA Presents: The History of Hawkman Explained'

Tags: 2010, comic books, easy sell, movies, news

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