PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Louisiana, lost languages, and Lady Gaga

* Good read: "The only thing Americans hate more than big government is the absence of government protection."
* Glenn Greenwald on secrey, government control, and prosecuting whistleblowers.
* 'Oil spills. Poverty. Corruption. Why Louisiana is America's petro-state.'
* Food diplomacy: "The way to America's heart is through its stomach."
* "Whenever Republicans do something that excites their tea party base, it scares off independent voters and actually helps Democrats."
* Follow-up: NASA waits patiently for word from the Spirit rover.
* Using computer programs to translate ancient lost languages.
* A writer on Lady Gaga at Madison Square Garden.
* Hero Complex presents their guide to Comic-Con.

Tags: 2010, comic books, defend your thesis, easy sell, news, science!
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