PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Recess appointments, Prohibition, and jousting

* Obama isn't above recess appointment shenanigans, either.
* Why independents are losing faith in the president. Is he running as a one-term president?
* 'The economic rebound is being driven by imbalances that helped cause the crisis in the first place.' The IMF thinks we need to cut the deficit, which is a nice idea.
* Federal judge finds the gay marriage ban unconstitutional on a states rights basis. Fingers crossed.
* What's that myth about the liberal media again?
* The Arizona immigration law probably won't survive the federal challenge.
* "In the fight between law and appetite, bet on appetite."
* Promising new antibodies in the fight against HIV.
* Jousting as the next big extreme sport?

Tags: 2010, news, science!

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