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As partially noted on the Facebooks

Long strange few days, in a mostly-good way. And herein described with too many parentheses.

Lovely party in VA with keen people, though I fear I sacked out early-ish. I enjoy wine, but it can be surreptitious like that. Rather pleasant wake-up the next morning, and camped out at their house all day for some marathon Arkham Horror (Nine players! Four expansions! Under five hours!) and Talisman (I was a wussy ghoul. The Sage had higher stats than me.) Whole day with no responsibilities, just relaxation, capped off with fireworks. A guy could get used to that. Will have to work on reading subtle context clues though, he said enigmatically.

Yesterday was more or less solo with the munchkin. Dude was impressed at Target when she asked me to explain what 'inauspicious' meant, and got it when I described it. Played some Lego Star Wars with the daughter, followed by actual physical Legos, which was a fine afternoon. Spent a portion of last night making sure the housemate didn't die (successful.)

So, yes. M. is home, and Z. starts summer school today. Rest of the week planned out. Today, taking the government's advice and putting off mowing the lawn, as the heat and humidity are considered 'unhealthy.' (Man. It was hot when we left the house this morning, which was before 8 AM.) Somewhat behind on chores and GenCon painting (and new LJ icons, heh,) but we'll be back on track soon. Tomorrow, back to the boredom of the work week.

Tags: 2010, bebe, easy sell, gaming, not news

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