PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Top Chef DC

M. and I caught up on the new season of Top Chef earlier this week. Initial thoughts follow.

The first few episodes of these reality shows (we pretty much just watch Top Chef and Project Runway</small>) are always a sea of confusion, trying to form opinions on various people from the crowd, based on the limited air time each gets, and what the show editors decide to show us. Nonetheless, we persevere.

* I totally dig Amanda, and love that she surprised people last week.

* Angelo is my least favorite, by far. He's uber-competitive, and worse, apparently talented, so he's going to be annoying me for a while.

* Arnold cracks me up, but much like Lynne, we're already seeing the difference between people who know a lot about food, and people who make a lot of food every day.

* Kelly, I don't know. She seems good, but her personality is a little out there.

* Kenny is a machine, and will totally be there at the end.

* Stephen is my pick for the dark horse, who could make it to the end. He kind of reminds me of Wash from Firefly.

Oh, and, the school lunch challenge? They need to do that every season. Killer budget and tough standards.

Bonus: 'where are they now' for the Las Vegas contestants.

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