PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Deepwater Horizon, arsenic in Bangladesh, and pinup art

* "A city on fire." Joel Achenbach on the chaos surrounding the fight to contain the Gulf oil disaster. Top read.
* "Worse than Chernobyl." Widespread arsenic poisoning in Bangladesh.
* "These two segments should be put into a museum, or a journalism class, to illustrate what journalism is supposed to be and what it has actually degenerated into."
* Deepwater Horizon as a turning point for evangelicals and the environment?
* Nice. "If the economy was ravaged by an asteroid instead of the Wall Street collapse, would they still want spending cuts?"
* Welcome to America: more couples are having their friends officiate their weddings.
* On George Lucas, Steven Spielberg, and Norman Rockwell.
* io9 presents 'Pinup art that kicks you in the teeth.'

Tags: 2010, news, welcome to america
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