PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

OK, we've been watching some of VH1's I Love the 70's and enjoying it thoroughly. I say again, VH1 makes good original shows, dog. And it's official: I can't hear Barry Manilow's "Mandy" without thinking of Angel. Thank you, Joss Whedon!

Just got back from visiting Nana at the nursing home; her condition has worsened some, and she requires oxygen now. Though she does visibly enjoy seeing tze bebe. Mom has Hospice coming in to make sure she's comfortable, etc. This is going to be really hard on Mom.

Friday night was a tasty dinner at the Indian place near the Landmark, followed by Swimming Pool. The movie was really good for a long time. Dragged a bit in the middle, and very French in parts. But then the ending came along, and tragically, I can no longer in good consciousness recommend the film to anyone. Ask me in person/over e-mail if you want more info, but trust me on this one.

Saturday morning, car trip to GW HQ for some bits, much fun in a road trip fashion (even if it was juts to pick up a cohort in Olney, head to Glen Burnie, and back again.) Yesterday evening, a cookout at the maison du Agent Black and Holly Hobby. Nice and relaxing, got to see and talk to people, at eat much meat. And got home in time to watch Samurai Jack: the Scotsman Saves Jack which was damn fine, and the best ending evar (as the climax of the show comes fully 15 minutes before the credits roll.)

Tomorrow: the Club of Books. Tuesday: shenanigans, possibly? Wednesday: THE PLANET MARS ATTACKS (don't know what I am doing here, possibly jut watching Ghost of Mars. Again.) Thursday: enclubbing! Friday: who knows? Saturday: gaming (probably just Eye of Terror.) Busy busy busy.

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