PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

So, yes.

Yesterday afternoon felt like it was about ten hours long, as I just couldn't get myself motivated to do, well, anything of value. But in the end, yesterday turned out to be a fantastic day.

In the morning, took Z. into school, and since it's the last few days of school, parents were allowed to visit the classroom. Of course, since its the last couple days of school, they were doing nothing of value. But I sat in while they did their morning routine, and then Z. read me a book before I ducked out and she sat down to watch a movie with her classmates.

M. and I took some time out for relaxation in the afternoon, always a pleasant change of pace.

Squared away a carpool for the show without too much trouble, and with only a little resulting confusion at the end of the night.

And the concert was pretty phenomenal. I'd joked earlier about skipping the opening act, but turns out he was great. Some gent by the name of Jim Bianco. Facial expressions of Robin Williams, a keen sense of humor, and a great voice. We picked up his CDs and will be convincing everyone else of his awesomeness in due time.

And then, Concrete Blonde. My running joke has been that this was either the best concert I've been to in years, or the best concert I've ever been to. Seriously, rockin' stuff. Thanks to our comrades, we'd secured space front and center next to the stage, and it was amazing stuff.

So yeah. Good times.

Tags: 2010, bebe, clubbing, easy sell, not news

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