PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

why I am pro-angry German women

Caught up with Maurice on Thursday out in VA. We swung over to Eagles & Empire (or whatever the store is called) and ran through a game of AE-WWII. I say 'ran through' because I decided to challenge myself, and was summarily taught why I shouldn't reach above my expectations. Heh. Nonetheless, fun was had, lessons learned, etc.

Afterwards, we played a quick scenario for Strange Aeons. Interesting! I like being able to write up a list for a game I've never played and play a scenario within 90 minutes. Definitely has potential, and in other good news, I can use figs I already have. Heh. That's how I am justifying going against my no-new-minis-games rule.

Also, on the 23rd, the store is running a pulp action game (using the Where Heroes Dare!</a> rules) that I think I want to check out.

(I am pushing the AE-WWII guys to do their own pulp game, because really they're 70% of the way there already with the Tesla guns, jetpacks, and German cyberapes, but I'd like to see them seal the deal, because I think their approach to rules is that good.)

Tags: 2010, gaming, not news, two-fisted tales

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