PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Israeli propaganda, the Hell's Angels, and summer TV shows

* Why Israel fears actual media coverage, and how they've been shaping media coverage of the flotilla attack.
* Ah, politics. Republicans, afraid of gays in the military, threaten to throw federal money at military projects that the Pentagon doesn't even want. Who loses? Everyone.
* "Just as consumer culture tries to sell 'Girls Gone Wild'-style sexism as 'empowerment,' conservatives are trying to sell anti-women policies shrouded in pro-women rhetoric.
* Psychology today: "A program designed to reduce energy consumption persuaded some Republicans to consume more."
* Nice! Australia wants the Hell's Angels to explain their lifestyle in court.
* How New Line got a second lease on life.
* LATimes guide to summer TV programming. Handful of interesting bits in there.

Tags: 2010, movies, news, tv, welcome to america

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