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"Every pundit — right, left, center, on the moon, whatever — is howling for Obama and the Federal Government to do something about the BP Oil Spill. No one has any suggestions what that 'something' is, only 'something' must be done and it must be done 'now.' Would a nice speech plug the hole? Some words keep the horrible pictures of oil covered birds from getting all over the Internet, livelihoods destroyed, and entire states wiped out? We elected a guy who can keep his cool in the face of adversity and here he is, keeping his cool in the face of massive adversity, and we’re flipping out because he is keeping his cool in the face of adversity. I asked myself the honest question: 'What should the Federal Government do?' That lead to the more interesting question: 'How did we get here?'"

Tags: 2010, news, quotes

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