PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Seriously, the MGK bit is priceless

For reference: finale wrapup here.

"As it lugubriously ends Sunday night on ABC, Lost leaves us more or less where it all began, but also with a spooky idea of the 21st century thus far. It was the perfect show for our frustrated '00s era, in which no one had to answer for anything much - not for the real estate and Wall Street busts, the levee floods, the bad war intelligence. While we fought elusive enemies in distant lands; while we vanished down our personal, broadband rabbit holes; while we doubted our elected officials; while we spent ourselves into impossible debts, Lost was along for the ride, with its unsolvable puzzles and its exhilarating but dorky extremes of fandom culture."
-Hank Stuever

So yeah, that big list of unanswered questions? MGK destroys it here. A fair amount of which is just pointing out what was important, as opposed to what we thought was important at the time. This is in fact a followup to his post as to why Sayid ends up with Shannon, and not Nadia. And yes, you want to read that.

Worthy recap of the finale by Jeff Jensen. And a good analysis of it by Todd VanDerWerff.

Great read: the creators of the show talk about how they did it.

"Frankly, one thing we'll miss - or at least I'll miss; I shouldn't speak for Noel - is the sense of being at the center of the cultural conversation. The Lost blog led us to have some good conversations about television writing in general, and about the emerging conventions that surround them in the instant-reaction environment of the web."

Bonus: George Lucas hams it up. My reply would have been: sure, George, but we never had Jack make out with Claire.

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