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Previously, on Lost...

* Previously: "We are going to a concert."
* Oceanic, loading for LAX. And Jack, in both worlds. And Ben. And Locke. CHristian Shephard. Sawyer. Kate.
* Hee, Des signs for the coffin.
* "Christian Shephard? Seriously?" -Kate
* "No one can tell you why you're here, Kate." -Desmond
* "And as for what I want? I want to leave."
* "He called it the heart of the island. All he said was that it was... a light." -Jack
* "That's true. He is worse than Yoda." -Hurley
* Magic leprechaun, hee.
* "I got a bad feeling about this." -Hurley
* Flightline Motel. CHARLIE. Fate! Hurley can't stop grinning.
* "What if I told you that playing in this show is the most important thing you'll ever do?" -Hurley
* "I took it because the island is all I've got left." -Jack
* VINCENT. ROSE AND BERNARD! This is now the best series finale ever.
* Been there since '75, plus some jumping.
* "We broke our rule with you... We don't get involved." -Rose
* Ben's walkie-talkie! Miles found Richard, who is totally not dead!
* And, Juliet. And Sun connects. And then Jin. And I'm all kinds of tearing up.

Jack: We're all going to the same place anyways.
Sawyer: And then what?
Jack: And then it ends.

* And, mysterious storm. Richard's first gray hair. "I think I just realized I want to live."
* LAPIDUS. Again, best finale ever. "Well if we leave, that thing won't have a plane anymore."
* Confrontation! "You're sort of the obvious choice, don't you think?"
* "I can't stop you." -Jack
* And, Juliet's the mom.

Sawyer: So, what, Desmond is fate?
Jack: No, I think he's a weapon.

* "This doesn't matter, you know?" -Desmond
* Lower into the light, a place you ca be with the ones you love.
* "There are no shortcuts. No do-overs. Whatever happened, happened." -Jack
* "There are rules, dude." -Hurley
* "I think you're a good guy, Sayid." -Hurley
* SHANNON! Yay Boone (who was totally in on it.)

"You're not John Locke. You disrespect his memory by wearing his face, but you're nothing like him. Turns out he was right about most everything.

* "I was shot by a fat man." -Charlie
* Daniel, Charlotte. Table 23. Familiar faces in the crowd (Including, I think, Bea Klugh.)
* And Charlie's totally vibe-ing on Claire. And Claire's... going into labor.
* Heart of the island. Skeletons, plural. Weird holes. Wellspring, stone. Machine noises? Water drains, light goes out... and goes red.
* "It looks like you were wrong." -Locke
* Punch. Blood! "Looks like you were wrong too."
* Sharks, hee. Eloise. "I chose to ignore you." -Desmond
* Leaving! "Are you going to take my son?" "Not with me."
* Labor. And, Kate connects. And, Aaron. And, Charlie and Claire connect. (And I'm tearing up a little more.)
* "So, now what?" -Kate
* Earthquakes. Ben saves Hurley. Storm. Everyone works together to save Ben. Fixing airplane.

* Locke, cliff, ladder. Boat. ZOMG Jack. (I have to ask: was that Hurley's bird that flew between them?) And Jack is a HOUSE ON FIRE with a FLYING PUNCH ZOMG.
* Cliffs falling! STAB. Neck cut! BLAM.
* Locke, wakes up after surgery. "It worked." Toes moving.
* And Locke connects. "Will you come with me?"
* "You don't have a son, Jack." -Locke
* Storm, gone.

Sun: It's OK, I am safe.
Jin: We'll be seeing you there.

* "If the island's going down, I'm going down with it." -Ben
* And Hurley stays too, yay.
* "Tell me I'm going to see you again." -Kate
* And, Sawyer and Juliet connect, yay.
* "I stole your pen." -Kate
* And Jack... sort of connects?
* "I know you don't understand, Jack. But if you come with me, you will." -Kate
* "It needs to be you, Hugo." -Jack
* "Now you're like me."
* "The light... I put it out. I thought I'd leave this place." -Desmond
* Island collapsing. Takeoff! Fun fact: six passengers. And, the water reignites the wellspring.

Ben: I was selfish. Jealous. I wanted everything you had.
Locke: What did I have?
Ben: You were special, John. And I wasn't.

* "I have some things I need to work out. I think I'll stay a while." -Ben
* "I think you do what you do best. Take care of people." -Ben
* New rules!
* "Will you help me?" -Hugo

Kate: We'll be in there, once you're ready.
Jack: Ready for what?
Kate: To leave.

* And, back on the island, Jack?
* Multifaith church. Coffin. And, Jack finally connects. Eye. Coffin empty. "Hey kiddo."
* "Everything that's ever happened to you is real."
* "This is the place that you all made together so that you could find one another."
* "Nobody does it alone, Jack. You needed all of them, and they needed you."
* And, everyone's there. Sneaker! And, back to where Jack woke up. Vincent! Lays down, aw.
* Doors, light. Plane takes off. Eye closes.

* And finally, (indistinct) wreckage. 1, 2, 3.


Some analysis in later posts. MGK had a good open thread with the standard set of complaints, and the standard replies to such. Worth a read.

Bonus: Jimmy Kimmel offers some alternate endings. With the original cast!

And, singing duo Garfunkel and Oates asks a very important (and NSFW) question.

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