PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

The Akatsuki program, Rand Paul, and a classical program

* Kevin Drum on who's protecting the oil industry. And media darling Rand Paul steps up to the plate with another winner.
* "What's behind the rash of Chinese school stabbings?"
* Glenn Greenwald on the backlash against Wikileaks.
* Video: Jay Smooth on what everyone is getting wrong about Rand Paul's gaffe.
* Follow-up: the Texas Board of Education swings even lower.
* 'The Christian Right's gay problem.'
* Japan launches Akatsuki probe to study Venus's atmosphere.
* Nifty: pics from the abandoned Virginia Renaissance Festival.
* Dear lord. The computer program that's writing classical music.

Tags: 2010, news, pics, scary technology, science!, welcome to america

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