PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

"In a major step toward the creation of artificial life, researchers announced Thursday that they've created the first cell controlled entirely by DNA assembled from laboratory chemicals."

* on what's going on in Thailand. Also, what comes next? Bonus: the Explainer on what the protesters want, and why they are wearing red shirts.
* on the meaning behind Tuesday's results. Was it a hit against big government? Good read: why voters hate incumbents.
* You know something's wrong when the Secretary of Defense is suggesting vetoing a defense spending bill.
* Bad sign: the disappearance of Iraq's middle class.
* The Tea Party as the dark side of conservatism.
* One man, one year, fifty-two jobs. (Courtesy warmaster.)
* Warner Bros. has new plans for Looney Tunes.
* Manchester! "It's a film against individualism... We're stronger as a gang than we are on our own."

Tags: 2010, news, scary technology, science!, tv

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