PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

"I can't promise it will be good and I can't promise it will be funny, but I just can promise a shower scene in every issue."
-Paul Dini, on the new "Harley & Ivy" miniseries

I have zero energy or attention span or patience today. I just feel run down and worn out by, well, everything. Just fair warning, if I'm snappish today.

I regret not clubbing last night, actually. Though I learned to play Blood Bowl (fantasy football [literally] miniatures game) which was keen.

Things I hate:
1.) Agent Black, for showing me which is SO ADDICTIVE. (My character's name is "Russian," and I've signed on with The Last Exiles, after a particularly good run last night.)
2.) The ghetto internal systems at my work. Don't get me started.

Ooh, but our A/C is fixed. The repairman who told us (Monday? Tuesday?) that the whole unit would need to be replaced was a big fat liar, apparently.

Hoping to have more energy for some going-out this weekend, despite plans not being very set. For instance, there's a larp thing Sunday afternoon I should hit.

I have started reading The Comics Continuum daily updates, because I sure need to find out about more comic books worth buying. But it's good info, updated often. Fans of Marvel's Ultimate lines, here's great info from a panel at WizardWorld Chicago about future plans, including Ultimate Fantastic Four.

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