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"I'm just glad it's not me."

Previously, on Lost...

* Previously: "I won't leave you."
* Eye. Jack. Neck wound, again.
* Mmmm, Super Bran cereal. Sounds, uh, delicious-ish?
* Missing coffin, found. Oh Des, you scamp.
* Augh, stitches the old-fashioned way. Also, paralleling first episode.
* "Locke did this to them. We have to kill him, Jack." "I know."
* "If Locke wants Desmond dead then we're going to need him."
* Hee, planning to hit Locke again. And, Ben sees.
* Oh hey, it's Ben, Miles, and Richard!
* "Well, I lived in these houses thirty years before you did, otherwise known as last week..." -Miles
* "I get wonky around dead stuff." Aw, Richard buried Alex.

Miles: What's this, a secret-er room?
Ben: It's where I was told I could summon the monster. That was before I realized that it was the one summoning me.

* "Blow it to hell." -Richard
* And it's Zoe and Widmore!
* Wait, the cabin still has running water?
* Sink the outrigger!
* "I've had that plane rigged with explosives since I got here." -Widmore
* "Jacob invited me."
* "He told me that he was trying to help you to let go." -Ben
* And, Des turns himself in. Oh, and it's Sayid, and Kate. WOW. Des is officially a superhero of synchronicity at this point.
* Ashes. Jacob! "You should get your friends. We're very close to the end, Hugo."
* Miles runs. Widmore hides. Richard confronts, and Ben... waits.
* "Just the man I was looking for." -Locke
* "You've got one hand, you look like Napoleon." -Alex
* "We insist. Even if we have to kidnap you!" -Danielle

Locke: Wait out here. You don't need to see this.
Ben: I want to see it.

* "He doesn't get to save his daughter." -Ben
* "I'll tell you why I chose them, and why I chose you." -Jacob
* "Maybe this is happening for a reason?" -Locke
* "You were all flawed. I chose you because you were like me." -Jacob
* Just a line of chalk, nice.
* "You want us to kill him. Is that even possible?" -Jack
* A choice! And, it's Jack. Well, guess that wasn't going to be the big series finale.
* "I thought that guy had a god complex before." -Sawyer
* "I'm just glad it's not me." -Hurley
* Cup. "Now you're like me."
* "I think it's time to leave." -Desmond
* Driver: Ana-Lucia! And the friend, Hurley!

Hurley: She's not coming with us?
Desmond: No, she's not ready yet.

* (Yet. ZOMG.)
* "We are going to a concert."
* Why bother walking, hee!
* "He said Desmond was a failsafe." -Locke
* "I'm going to destroy the island."

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