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"President Bush is leaving to go to Crawford, Texas, for a 35-day working vacation. This should go over big with all the people taking a can't-get-work vacation."
-David Letterman

Today's NPR recommendation: Love and War (by Anne Garrels.) Her husband, an Iraqi scientist, turned himself in to the Americans, as he was on the Most Wanted list. As he was convinced the Iraqis didn't have the weapons the Americans sought, he figured he would be out in hours or at the worst, days. Months later, people as high as the Iraqi interim council have asked the Americans to set him free, or at least disclose his location. Meanwhile, her tireless quest to free him led her to the UN Building in Bagdhad - on Monday.

* Oh, awesome, the "Victory Act."
* Bob Herbert: 'Instead of democracy blossoming in the desert, we have bloodshed and terror, the payoff of a policy spun from fantasies and lies.'
* If we want the roadmap plan to work, we need to strengthen Palestine.
* August is the month of bad news. And man, it has been a big month for computer viruses too. The blackout and the viruses, together, show new concerns for modern connected networks.
* This just in: emergency workers still feel unprepared for terrorist attacks.
* Argentina eliminates its amnesty laws.
* Made your bed, now lie in it: some in the Californian GOP unite against the recall.
* Angioplasties even more effective than originally thought.
* Looking at the causes behind obesity.
* An odd obituary of Idi Amin, by an author I heard on NPR.
* Mars approaches!

"The goal is to deny the American occupation force the ability to pacify Iraq, to prevent the Americans from winning the hearts and minds of the people. If Iraq is in constant chaos, the United States can never move on to the next stage."
-Loren Thompson, military affairs analyst
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