PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

OK, last post for the day, and then I am done spamming your respective friends' lists. Tomorrow, NJ post, but now...

* Ashcroft on the ropes defending the Patriot Act. Meanwhile, the government has been accused of altering/destroying computer data and evidence in terrorism investigations.
* Most recent attacks show the limits of US control, as the new anti-US strategy appears to be chaos itself. This is drawing more anti-American forces into the country, according to Maureen Dowd. And Jessica Stern sees the same. Thomas Friedman sees the problem lying in that we haven't handed over the country to the Iraqis quickly enough. Will the government do what's necessary to prevent the situation from getting even worse?
* Local education news: Nine PG principals fired a week before classes begin.
* China fights AIDS... with violent force.
* The question has come back: what about married priests?
* Smoking Gun: the TV show.

Fortune Cookie: "Save something for a rainy day."

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