PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

well then

After shopping for the cookout/party this weekend, I hopped online to do a little internetting. Saw a post to reply to, so I went to the always-entertaining Google Image Search, to see what it could give me in relation to a Super Mario power-up. Opened a couple pics in tabs, and suddenly Firefox ground to a halt, and I started getting some Java-is-updating message, and the tell-tale signs of a virus attack.

Well, there goes the rest of the night.

Many thanks to M. and her dad for getting my box back into working shape. The weirdness: while the system restore was from yesterday, my Firefox bookmarks are reset to at least six months ago, if not more. No idea on that one.

Oh, and while I was waiting for the cleanup to complete (which took hours,), I totally passed out hugging the cat, who was totally passed out on the bed. She's wily, that one.

Tags: 2010, cat, not news, not right

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