PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

These things tend to sneak up on you.

"It's called a changeover - the movie goes on, and nobody in the audience has any idea." -Fight Club

Funky long week of vague illness and night shift screwing up any plans I might have had otherwise. And surprisingly weighty matters arriving out of nowhere, to top of the cake.

Nana update: tonight she was moved from her hospital (ten minutes from my work) to a recovery facility (less than ten minutes from my house) to help her therapy go faster.

Rumor Control:
- Spiderman is quite keen. Not quite X-Men quality (the new standard by which all comic book films will be judged) but pretty close. Great cameos as well.
- Flanagan's is still the rockingest Irish pub in the area. Tonight's live performer (and while I don't remember his name, Latinate bought his CD, so she does) played not only "Norwegian Wood" and "Cat's in the Cradle" but also "The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald," which made me think of Sailor Tork.
- Have I mentioned Restaurante Casa Juanita's (908 11th St.) as the best Salvadoran in DC? I also note, the mariachi band there positively ruled.
- Hip deep in the BookClubBook, which I am digging.

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MP3: Velvet Roses, "Eulogy"
Quote: "Skeptics laugh in order not to weep." -Anatole France

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