PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

"Show them what we're capable of."

Previously, on Lost...

* Previously: "We have to talk to you."
* "It's all you, dude." -Hurley
* "He had to be dead before you could look like him?" -Jack
* And, Christian confirmed as smoke monster. "You needed to find water." Helping! To leave.
* "Because it has to be all of us." -Locke
* "John Locke was not a believer, Jack. He was a sucker." -Locke
* Heh, Sun and Locke hit the hospital at the same time. "It's him!"
* Oh hai Claire! Family reunion time.
* "You decided the moment you let him talk to you. Just like the rest of us." -Claire
* "Sayid ain't invited. He's gone over to the Dark Side." -Sawyer
* "It's so nice to have everyone back together again." -Locke.
* And Sawyer and Miles get the restaurant shootout case. "That's our bad guy."
* Zoe! "Show them what we're capable of."
* And Des finds Claire. Ilana! Been looking for her?

Claire: What's going on?
Hurley: People are trying to kill us again.

* Sending Sawyer for Desmond's boat?
* "Sayid's a zombie and Claire's nuts." -Sawyer
* Well. "So, what did he offer you?" -Desmond
* Hee, hose as tripwire.
* Have I mentioned I love laywer Ilana's suit?
* "The Claire you came back for is gone." -Sawyer
* And, Claire is abandoned. Again.
* "He finds out we're gone? He's gonna be mad." -Claire
* Man, just don't kill off Lapidus, OK writers? Pretty please?
* "Doesn't feel right... leaving the island." -Jack
* "...And if Locke, that thing wants us to leave? Maybe it's afraid of what happens if we stay." -Jack
* "We're done going back, Kate." -Saywer
* "The baby's fine." -Jin
* Neural sac obliterated, huh?
* "Nice day for a swim." -Locke
* Beachfall. And, Jin and Sun reunite!
* Sightline on Locke. Fire when ready! Locke saves Jack, nice.
* "It's going to be OK. You're with me now." -Locke
* And, Jack has the wound on his neck that we saw in the season opener.

Season finale Sunday, May 23rd? Bastards.

So. Jack is the last recruit? Unexpected.

And in the alternate timeline, is Sun aware of the other Locke now? In-ter-es-ting.

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