PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Mad heroines, Supreme Court nonsense, and James Bond

* OK, I have finally found an excellent reason for some sort of term limit for the Supreme Court. Because, AUGH. (Courtesy asimplelife.)
* 'Why people dislike government (and why it matters for 2010.)'
* Quietly, a fatwa against terrorism begins to make news.
* Interesting news from Cuba.
* "Why millennials are so judgmental about promiscuity."
* The Explainer, on how the AP updates its style guide.
* Next Bond movie on long delay.
* MGK praises the Mission: Impossible franchise.
* "Were the 'mad' heroines of literature really sane?"
* Dinosaur Comics delivers unexpected awesomeness.

Tags: 2010, easy sell, movies, news

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