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Well, before I do the big New Jersey writeup, it appears I have some general catching-up to do here.

Saturday, flipping around channels, I noticed the Samurai Jack episode that night was an hour long. Curious! So, I tune in, and my unspoken dreams were realized: it was the episode with the origin of Aku! Samurai Jack: Birth of Evil is also awesome, because Jack only appears as a baby for a couple seconds during the show. It's all awesome, mythological, and hefty. A treat. (Also, for SJ fans: the episode this Saturday - Jack gets amnesia [I can only hope it's by a Gilligan-esque incident with a coconut] and is rescued... by The Scotsman! *And* it's an hour-long, too. Man o man.)

Sunday, War Machine tournament in Glen Burnie. (A quick aside: is Glen Burnie the worst city in Maryland? They should tear it down and build a slum.) The store is nifty, has some hard-to-find stuff there. And a busket of IK:WM players, as it turns out. They play on Monday nights, I may make the effort sooner or later.

Back to the tournament. Going into the final round, I was in contention for second place, but ended up 2-2 overall. Fought one Cygnar, then two Cryx in a row, and in the last round drew Menoth. I kept getting compliments from the locals, which greatly buoyed my self-esteem about my playing abilities. They said no one had done what I did there, with Sorscha. So, yay me. (Also, round two was again the local Cryx champion, and everyone was saying how he usually crushed everyone within five minutes. He still beat me, but it was a brutal, drawn-out fight. And he's a nice guy, to boot.) Good times, good times.

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