PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Man, I haven't touched a computer for 22 hours. *Crazy.*

Lovely soiree last night out in VA for nalroth's birthday. Caught up with a lot of cool people I don't see often enough, much good conversation and light shenanigans. Drank a bit as well (not too much) without the benefit of drinking enough water, and thusly paid for it this morning with a killer, killer headache. Eek. I miss when I was younger, and never got hangovers.

Bonus thanks to girlie47 and safetypup for making transportation possible. They are too good to us.

Today, some more room rearranging, apparently, plus laundry and relaxation. No Z., as she is seeing Phantom of the Opera with her mother today.

Tags: 2010, not news

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