PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Water shortages, offshore drilling, and Climategate

* "The Big Thirsty: From contamination to droughts to just going without, images from the world's water crises."
* Obama pushes for big expansion of offshore drilling. Good wrapup (including maps) at Swampland.
* "Professor Phil Jones, the scientist at the center of the 'Climategate' scandal, has been cleared of manipulating global warming data by a British government investigation."
* "Why is the Midwest a hotbed of militia activity?"
* Heh. The health care reform opposition changes its mind on pushing for repeal.
* Good read: on the ground at the Searchlight Tea Party protest.
* 'The Census Bureau is conducting the nation's decennial head count, which influences how much federal money states and cities receive. Who will come out on top?'
* Peabody award winners announced. Go!
* Neat. The profile of a famed Central Park jogger.

Tags: 2010, news, pics, science!

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