PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

this, that

The positive: lovely couple of days of spring break with Z. She's back on the nebulizer, so we didn't want to stress things too much, but there was Uno*, and cartoons, and a fun movie on the Netflix, and good rest and relaxation.

The negative: man, totally pinched a nerve in my upper back, or something, while I was sleeping two nights ago. Woke up in a very ouchy stage, and pretty much stayed that way all day. It's slightly better now, but not much. Highly uncomfortable. Oh, and Z. is back on the nebulizer, which isn't great either.

Rest of the week: pretty much booked solid. Neat! Then more Z. this weekend, including Easter bunny morning.

* - Z. and M. were not pleased with me using my witchery Uno powers to destroy them in this.

Tags: 2010, bebe, not news

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