PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Dangerous moments, Metro, and White Flint

* Great read: "We stand on the cusp of one of humanity's most dangerous moments." (Courtesy ninjacooter.)
* The economic crisis in California means parole just got easier.
* Another struggle in Afghanistan, this time over detainees.
* Whuf. Metro seeks input to help close its budget gap. And all options look painful for the riders.
* Interesting: plans to revitalize White Flint unveiled.
* Island in the Bay of Bengal disappears under rising sea level.
* Despite recession, hobby games sales went up last year.
* Cutest. Voltron. Ever. (Courtesy shadorunr.)
* Ahem. "Ten things I read in Jennifer Love Hewitt's book that are not hallucinations."

Tags: 2010, gaming, news, quotes, science!, welcome to america

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